Philip E. Zaccaria

Mr. Zaccaria has been President, CEO and CFO for  Cibolo Energy Operating, Inc and PNP Petroleum, Inc. since 1989.
Born 1959 in San Antonio, Tx.  
Graduated from the University of Texas, 1983, BS Petroleum Engineering

Mr. Zaccaria is an independent petroleum engineer with more than 30 years of varied domestic oil & gas industry experience. 
Mr. Zaccaria has been involved in drilling, production and operating of 100's of wells within New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. Mr. Zaccaria has participated in projects with Mobil, Exxon, Santa Fe Minerals, Devon Energy and many other independent oil companies.  Mr. Zaccaria has purchased and engineered Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Projects.  

Mr. Zaccaria owns all the stock in PNP Petroleum and Cibolo Energy Operating, Inc.  PNP Petroleum is a holding company and Cibolo is the operating company bonded with the State of Texas.  Cibolo has operated as many as 105 wells in Texas.

Kevin Thompson, Project Manager for Cibolo Energy Ops

Mr. Thompson has worked w Cibolo since 2007.  Mr. Thompson is in charge of daily operations as well as overseeing the maintenance and construction of production facilities.  Mr. Thompson has been responsible for project implementation and field development, pumping unit installations, electrical hookups, nitrogen injection facilities and compressor stations. Mr. Thompson is also responsible for all Texas Regulatory compliance.

Whitney Zaccaria, Office Manager

Ms. Zaccaria has worked with PNP and Cibolo since 2014.  She is in charge of accounting, billing, contracts and facilitates operations.

Consulting Firms
DRT Research & Development  Richard Wynn

Mr. Wynn has consulted for PNP and Cibolo Energy on individual projects since 1990

Mr. Wynn is an independent petroleum geologist with more than 30 years of varied oil & gas industry experience.  
His oil and gas projects cover all mid continent USA conventional and unconventional basins. 

His mineral experience covers CA,NV,NM,UT,CO and AK. , with  Geothermal projects within the states of TX and CO.

Mr. Wynn has patent filings covering alternate energy applications.

International Gas Consulting (IGC) Ken Beckman  

Mr. Beckman has consulted for PNP and Cibolo Energy on certain projects since 2000.IGC has reviewed and modeled EOR and Gas Storage projects for PNP.  IGC has consulted on 70% of the 400 gas storage facilities in the US.  

PNP Petroleum I L.P.
2005 National Champions