PNP Petroleum has a history of  successful property acquisitions. All fields have experienced increased production with reduced operating costs. 

Kathleen Ann Field (KAF), Wilson County, Texas is a producing oil and gas field located outside of Poth, TX. The company owns an 75% working interest in the entire 799 acre field.  The field was discovered in 1984 and at the time of the acquisition in 1997, had a cumulative production of 433,000 bbls.   There are a total of eight oil and gas wells capable of producing out of the KAF Reef. at depths ranging from approximately 5,900 feet to  6,100 feet. The field is currently an EOR project with Nitrogen (NEOR) being injected into two crest wells.  The field has exceeded our expectations using these methods.  The company also owns a 75% working interest in one water disposal well.  Recoverable Reserves are estimated as high as 600,000 bbls from NEOR.

Slick Field, Dewitt and Goliad Counties, Tx.
This field has OOIP of 60 MM bbls and produced over 20MM bbls.  This field was last produced in 2000 at rates as high as 75 bopd per well.  PNP has engineered this Project to use HVL methods to test and produced oil from the field sand.  Reserves are estimated at 1 MM+ BOE.

 NON Operated wells
 Numerous smaller non-operating interests in wells from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and North Dakota.

EOR/Gas Storage Projects 

PNP Petroleum has generated a few additional EOR/Gas Storage projects.  PNP is in the process of leasing the acreage involved in these projects.  One of these projects has been outside reservoir modeled to produce and additional 1.5 MM bbls of oil and then be converted into a natural gas storage field with over 3 BCF of working gas.

PNP Petroleum I L.P.